McIntosh's" Wide World of Juggling" Specialty Arts Juggling Instruction. Have you always wanted to learn how to juggle, walk on stilts or learn  balancing skills. You can juggle! We can teach you! Offering multiple workshops. Invite us to your School, Camp, Group, or Business for personalized training workshops. Individual Teaching and Instruction is also available. Contact us for more details on how you can learn to juggle at 407-486-6444

ON LOCATION- We come to your Business, School, Group, Camp, More!


Juggling Instructors Daniel & Sunny McIntosh teach and instruct skills in Juggling, Stilt Walking, Balancing and Awareness Techniques. We offer three levels of Juggling Instruction, Stilt Walking and One On One private Instruction.  Juggling 101 Beginner, 102 Intermediate, 103 Advanced, Stilt Walking basics and One On One private individual Instruction. Descriptions of what we teach are listed below under each level.

Our Juggling Workshops are offered in five different levels and formats based on current skill ability. 101 Beginner level is for students with little of no current juggling skills learned. Level 102 Intermediate is for students that already have an understanding of the basic skills in juggling. Level 103 Advanced is for students that have advanced skills and great understanding of juggling skills. Stilt Walking teaches students the basic skills in stilt walking,  stilt safety and  maintenace. One on One teaching is availble for students based on individual  goals and skill level. All Levels and skills  are listed below.

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