Planning an Event! Need a team to assist in the planning and implementation of a successful outcome and happy attendees . 2 Tosh's Productions to the resque! Theme, Atmosphere, Attendees, Decor, Entertainment, Music, Etc. All mentioned need to be considered and thought out in your events overall flow. Lean on our Event Experience and lets make your Event POP! Contact Sunny McIntosh at 407-864-6444 for more details.

Interactive Brand Ambassadors promoting your Corporate Brand! We can be themed in your companies logos, colors and communicate to potential new clients about what your brand offers. Incorporate us in your Marketing Campaigns and Blitzes, Corporate Conventions and Events, Themed Attraction, Grand Openings, More. Call 407-486-6444 for more information on adding Interactive Brand Ambassadors for Corparate Promotions and Events.

Lets Build Up Your Companies Team with group involvement & juggling interaction. Invite us to be part of you Companies Corporate Convention, Company Events, Etc. We encourage team work, Building Confidence, Staying Focused on the Task, Reducing Stress with juggling interaction. Working together to succeed as a group and maximize ourselves.

Themed roving atmosphere Specialty Performes for Events. Performers provide atmopshere entertainment for Special Events, Convention and Meeting Breakouts, Red Carpet Events, Galas, Fundraisers, Private Parties, Weddings, More.